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In The Korner with Kelsey 3000 Likes Interview ~Hosted by Morgan Parker

Good evening!!! I’m Author Morgan Parker and tonight is gonna be super special. I’m gonna put Kelsey up on the Kounter and f%&*r, fire off some questions at her… oh, wait, that’s the Korner, not the Kounter. Different event….

But I WILL fire off some questions. From some VERY cool and popular authors! Ladies that make ME blush (and a couple of dudes as well!)

So, I will identify myself as Morgan Parker by using my non-trademarked symbol ( } i { ) and ask the question. Feel free to answer it yourself or predict what Kelsey will answer! You might just win one of my books!!!

Please allow a few minutes for me to copy & paste the first question, and let’s see if we can make Kelsey blush tonight!

} i {

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} i { Our first question comes from Devon Hartford, NA & YA novelist, the immensely talented (and super-hot according to the ladies) author of Painless, Fearless, and Reckless (The Samantha Smith Series).

Teodora Kostova asked a very similar one too!

Q. If you could be stranded on a desert island with any romance hero, who would it be? Bear in mind, this desert island has cannibal natives who are hungry for succulent book blogger flesh like yours, Kelsey, and they will try to eat you. Choose wisely. And did I mention there’s dinosaurs on the island too? Hungry ones? I’ll work your answer up into a novel which I’ll call Hunger Dames, and it’ll feature a caricature of you on the cover in Amazonian garb (leopard skin bikini and fur boots) holding a dangerous looking spear.




My answer to Devon Hartford and Teodora Kostova ➜I love this question but why wouldn’t I,  it’s from Devon …..Swooooooons.

Don’t get jealous Author Morgan Parker but Devon did give me great legs in my sexy caricature!

This is an easy answer for me. It would have to be Ehd (hoh) from Transcendence by Shay Savage. He’s beautiful and the typical Alpha male. He’s a protector and strong. He’s a caveman!! He can’t speak (even better) so he would be my ideal man in that situation. My caricature will look fab in that leopard skin bikini and fur boots.

Devon Only you could make Book Blogger Flesh sound sexy!!!


} i { Oh, this one is from one of my faves!!! Which tried to auto correct to “faces,” for some weird reason… like I don’t know how to spell, which is somewhat apparent if you read Textual Encounters 2.

So, from Jane Harvey-Berrick…

Q. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to name one book boyfriend you’d take on a date; one book boyfriend to give you a foot massage; one book boyfriend to cook you a three course meal; and one book boyfriend to take you to bed and make the angels sing. You cannot choose the same book boyfriend for each task. If you do, you will be sent straight to jail, will not pass O, will not receive $200. This message will self destruct in 3 seconds.

PS, Jane, this message will NOT self-destruct

18929979 copy


My answer to Jane Harvey~Berrick

DATE: Vanni from Groupie by Ginger Voight because I would love him to serenade me. He’s a rock star and very sexy and he loves curvy blondes!!!

FOOT MASSAGE: Morgan Barker from Non~Friction because he would make me chuckle and I could imagine him puking at the idea of massaging my feet!

COOK A MEAL: This one’s hard. But I can’t go to jail! Didn’t Simon from Wallbanger like to cook and get jiggy in the ingredients? He would do it for me! On the Kounter!!

TAKE ME TO BED: Beckett Taylor from Poughkeepsie /Return To Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia. Because he’s wild in bed! He would have me in a kerfuffle in no time and oh god I’m hot and bothered now!


} i { Best-Selling romance author Laura Kaye asked the following question:

Q. What is your favorite thing about blogging?



My answer to Laura Kaye ➜There’s so many answers to that question Laura but I think the most favourite thing is meeting and chatting to people. Be it authors, bloggers or readers I absolutely love discussing books. I also get tons of pleasure and find it hugely rewarding when someone likes my recommendations. I’ve made thousands of online friends through my blog and I’m lucky to have met some awesome Authors like yourself.

What makes me smile a lot is when I interview an author and find out all their personal details, I love going behind the scenes and delving deeper!

I call it being creative. Some may say I’m nosey LOL

Morgan Parker ➜ Oh, Kelsey! Do you mean to say you smile a lot when you, er, “see” their private details?? Care to elaborate (do NOT tell me you shared that pic I sent you late at night!!!)

Kelsey’s Korner Blog ➜ Never! I keep that pic for blackmail purposes only!! And I love getting to know everyones little quirks.

Morgan Parker ➜ If I were a female blogger, I think having my breasts signed by famous authors would be my favourite thing… what do you think, Kelsey!?

Kelsey’s Korner Blog ➜LoL Morgan. Yes thats always appealing.  I’m looking after the girls well in anticipation of future events!


} i { If you’ve read Mia Asher’s Arsen, I bet you can find an answer in that book to her question, which was simply:

Q. Favorite sex position.  Morgan Parkers answer ➜ My favorite SEX position is “IN”



Oh god! Here’s the embarrassing ones.

Do I have to pick one?

My answer to Mia Asher ➜Well I don’t think I’ve got a favourite position as it all depends on the mood I’m in and the environment. I do like going on holiday as the sun tends to make you horny doesn’t it? I try to go on holiday as much as possible LOL. So basically any position in the sun is good.

I’ve been known to have too many vinos and fall asleep on the job..

Put B in front of that and work it out for yourselves.. TMI?


} i { This next question comes from Fifi Flowers, who has a super sexy and suggestive name (this message was NOT approved by Kelsey or anyone else, btw).

Q. Three part question: Where do you read? What do you drink while you read? What is your favourite time of the day to read?

For my male counterparts, we can change the word “read” to “watch online porn.”




My answer to Fifi Flowers ➜ I read anywhere but my favourite place to read is lying on a sun lounger with my Kindle Paperwhite overlooking the sea.

It’s so relaxing, I love it. I also read a lot on my iPhone if I’m a passenger in the car ( obviously not while driving) I’m seriously contemplating audio books. Does anyone here listen to audio books?

I may have been spoilt forever though with the narrator, as Morgan’s voice is the sexiest I’ve heard on his Book Trailer for Non~Friction.

(Plug trailer here)


My favourite tipple is wine. I think everyone in the world knows this! If I’m reviewing a book I like to lock myself away in peace and quiet with my notebook, normally in bed under the covers so I can get lost in the story.

Social media is the biggest distraction ever!!


} i { This question comes from NJ Frost! Q. If you could be a heroine from any book that you’ve read, who would you be? And why? I ( Author Morgan Parker) will answer right here. I’d be Christian Grey, because even though he’s not a heroine, he saw lots of action in that series and he’s got women all worked up, all over the world… THAT, my friends, is a GIFT!



My answer to NJ Frost ➜ Easy. I would be Eve from Poughkeepsie/Return To Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia. She’s  a kick ass heroine, she’s bad and super sexy.

She loves to take charge and winds up in the best ever sexual situations with Beckett. She has a razor sharp tongue and can kill a man with one move. She’s also kind and has a big heart so I would love to be her. In fact if I had lesbian tendencies I’d be onto her myself LOL


} i { From the talented Jodi Ellen Malpas, who I hope will sign MY boobs in Chicago!

Q. Which Jesse-style f@&k and why?



My answer to Jodi Ellen Malpas ➜Who is probably drinking cocktails as we speak and Author Morgan Parker I’m sure she will sign your boobs she’s a beauty!! Why couldn’t people have just asked easy things like who my favourite author is? With Jesse Ward it would have to be the Sense F@&k reasons being.. I’d love to be dominated by Jesse Ward.. In the club.. On the cross.. On the rowing machine. Over the Kounter..3210 Baby. Fans my face! This question definitely needs to be thrown open to everyone here! Come on I told you mine, will you tell me yours?


} i { Sorry for slacking! Yikes! A. Meredith Walters asks this one (and if you check out her profile pic, you can see that she thought about it AND looked good while thinking it through!)

Q. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done, that you would never want your family to know about???



My answer to A.Meredith Walters who used to be my friend until she asked this awkward question ➜Lol this is the hardest question to answer yet. I like to say I’ve led a colourful life and a lot of crazy stuff has gone on while I was with my girlies! Where do I start and what DARE I TELL YOU?

I once hired a car and drove it on the wrong side of the road in Turkey!! Oops

I danced topless and jumped up and down on a bed in a hotel room with my best friend to Scissor Sisters “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” because that was her alarm on her phone. We tried to hit the ceiling with a pole to annoy the neighbours above. I was a party animal what can I say?

Got caught having sex outdoors! No more said!

I Mooned from the back seat of a bus! Not a pretty sight I must say but that’s what a few bottles of wine does for ya!

In a bar in Turkey they were playing a game and asked for a woman’s bra to be thrown onto stage. I didn’t have abra on I had those sticky on cups that hold your boobs up, so I peeled them off and threw them at the Turkish bloke. Imagine the look? I think he expected sexy lingerie He scowled and threw them back! LOL


} i { This is a good one, from Patrick Darcy!!

Q. My question is which famous gay man would you like to convert?Personally, the one lesbian I would love to convert is Ellen Page. I cried for minutes when I found out that she preferred butterflies to caterpillars…



I Love Patrick, he makes me smile everyday,  and he’s taking me to the best strip club in Dublin !My answer

My answer to Patrick Darcy ➜John Barrowman… Just like that.He is without a doubt one of most gorgeous gay men I know, except for you Patrick obviously. He’s entertaining and funny and seems a really genuine person, and he also write books!!I wonder what you think of that answer Patrick?


} i { My FB GF (she doesn’t know it yet) Tara Sivec asked this question, I think because she read and loved Non Friction (she doesn’t know THAT either, mind you)….

Q. Um, are your boobs real? Ha ha!



My answer to Tara Sivec who rocks my world ➜Tara you practically had them in your hands in London.Could you not tell? I love that you love my rack! You’re my favourite rack loving Author. Yes my boobs are all my own and real. I developed quite a pair when I was around 13 years old and I’ve always had a decent set of girls.I like to think they’re my best assets apart from my eyes, oh and my teeth. But who notices eyes and teeth these days LOL My motto is OUT and PROUD if you’ve got it flaunt it.If I’m not wearing a TITS OUT TOP on a night out then I’ve got the flu!!


} i { From Author Kim Karr, whose initials are the same as Kelsey’s Korner Blog (minus the Author and Blog in those tags)

Q. What was the last book you read that left you thinking about it for days?Kelsey’s answer will be Non Friction, followed up with – go buy it now for $0.99 or 0.99£ while it’s still on sale…. right, Kels??? (price correct at time)



My answer to Kim Karr ➜  Arsen By Mia Asher-Author I voted it best book 2013 it was amazing .

Another one to throw out to everyone. Mia got some grief for that book but because it was real not fake, I loved it! Some people can’t take cheating and lying in their books but the more angst the better for me!Which leads me to Author Morgan Parker. He writes with passion about real people and he doesn’t sugar coat situations. His words ring true in every novel I’ve read to date and thats why he’s here with me tonight ❤


} i { From the talented Ginger Voight….

Q. If you could live one day as any book character you’ve read, who would it be and which of their days would you choose?Author Morgan Parker‘s answer: Someone recently reminded me of Lawrence Sanders’ Archy McNally. This guy got so much action, and he drove a Mazda Miata. I’d be Archy because that kind of crazy can only exist in a book!



My answer to Ginger Voight ➜I would love to live one day in the life of Nora Sutherland from Tiffany Reisz Original Sinners. She gets to spend time with Soren. Soren is a Priest, he’s delicious and a Head Dom. She also gets to spend time with Griffin and Mick and Kingsley. They all belong to a “CLUB” but they’re a big happy family.  Xmas Day as Nora would be a dream come true!


} i { Courtesy Debra Anastasia….Q. How many countries you have visited and which was your favorite?

Author Morgan Parker answers: I can’t remember how many I’ve visited, but I know I haven’t been to Europe, and I MUST get there!!! I love British accents and Lily Allen. I like pretty cars that are designed in Italy. But of all the places I have been, St. Thomas USVI was one of my most memorable. Heading to Grand Cayman in a few weeks – Yay!



My answer to Debra Anastasia ➜ Oh I love travelling. It’s my next favourite thing in life to blogging and drinking wine. I live in England near an international airport and I’ve been lucky to travel a lot.

Turkey, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Greece, Egypt, America, Portugal, Cyprus, Jersey, Spain. My next big trip is in May to the Chicago Author Signing where I’m going to hang out with Morgan and a whole bunch of other friends.

My favourite place to visit close by is Dublin, Ireland. I can get there in 45 minutes on a plane and I adore the place. The accent, the bars, the singers. I love live music and it’s the best place to listen to it! I’m going to the Dublin Author Signing in July and assisting. A well as the Edinburgh RARE Signing Event.


} i { From Pepper Winters, who also has a smoking hot name.

Q. um… what is your favourite bondage item in the bedroom?

Morgan Parker says says: I wear boxer briefs to bed, does that count?



My answer to Pepper Winters ➜ OH bugger another rude one. What did I expect from Pepper Winters? LOL.

I think a silk scarf is a useful piece of equipment. You can use it as a restraint, you can use it to caress and you can use it to blindfold! God this is embarrassing. So I’ll throw this question out to everyone else too!! Tell me yours I told you mine.


} i { I had to add this one quickly, because I’ve wanting to answer it all night!!!

This one is from Samantha Towle

Q. Favourite song to have sex to?

Author Morgan Parker ➜ Whatever love song she sings in my ear while I make sure she sees stars…

Kelsey’s Korner Blog ➜ Laughing my socks off!  This is why he’s a writer and a berk!

17257484 TOWLE


My answer to Samantha Towle ➜ I’m showing my age here but when I was 18 I loved Sexual Healing by Marvyn Gaye haha. Nowadays it would probably be Kings of Leon.

I have a thing for “Revelry” by Kings of Leon. Mmmm

Revelry ➜


} i { Multiple questions from Kitty French!!!

Q. What did you always want to be when you grew up? Or what was your favourite toy as a kid? Or who is your permitted celeb shag?Author Morgan Parker says: 1) Rich; 2) typewriter; 3) I don’t want her to block me, so I can’t say her name.



My answer to Kitty ➜ I love this lady, Kitty is my partner in wine and has been a bit poorly of late so speedy recovery to Kitty. I wanted to be a nursery nurse looking after kids. I got a job in a creche and only stood it for a week. Stupid idea that was! LOL. I ended up working in pubs then became a florist and a caterer. Now I work as a carer with special needs children. Permitted celeb shag?

Gotta be Gerard Butler… Oh I’d die and go to hell for that man! Beautiful just beautiful


} i { This is FUN question from Lori Otto!!! This will be INTERESTING!!!

Q. If you could be any animal for a day, what would you be… and why?: Morgan Parker answers: I would be a bird. Canadian birds spend their winters in Florida. It’s warm there, plus A.L. Zaun lives there.



My answer to LoriL Otto whose Lost and Found series broke my heart and was one of the first ladies I interacted with ➜ A panther I think, or is it a leopard? Just the idea of them moving so quickly and stalking their prey intrigues me. How cool would that be? To be a predator stalking her prey ( a bit like stalking on Facebook). Then pouncing when they least expect it. Saying that I do pounce when Morgan least expects it all the time! Normally to kick his backside. I’m not sure if he would call me a panther though. Watcha think?Author Morgan Parker ?

Morgan Parker  ➜ Kelsey is that a cougar?? ❤


} i { Author Isabel Lucero had this question that would get me into some serious trouble with Mrs. Morgan Parker… because she doesn’t want to go to Alaska!Q. If you had the chance to go anywhere you want, with anyone you choose, and had the ability to do whatever your heart desires, where would you go,who with, and what would you do there together?



My answer to Isabel Lucero ➜I would go with the person I love, to somewhere warm and sunny.  It would have to have sand dunes where we could walk hand in hand along the beach then we could hide from everyone when we wanted to get jiggy jiggy. Somewhere near a harbour where we could jump on a boat and travel to different islands and sit on the shore and drink red wine served by a waiter on our table for two! Like Shirley Valentine right?


} i { And finally, from Amy A. Bartol

Q. Choosing your book boyfriends is tough, what do you look for in a romantic character?



My answer to Amy A. Bartol you rock ➜ I like lots of qualities in my book boyfriends. I like them to take care of their women, be strong and charming.

I also like them to have a good sense of humour, oh and be handsome, and have gorgeous tattoos, and ride a motor bike, and be the owner of a billionaire company. Not a lot really I’m pretty easy going!!


Thanks so much for hanging out with Morgan and I tonight, it was great fun.

I hope everyone who couldn’t make it enjoys reading all the questions and answers.
Thanks to my wonderful Authors for being good sports!

Thanks to Morgan my partner in crime for hosting. Love ya loads bud! ❤


} i { Thank you, Kelsey and her followers for tolerating me and humouring me tonight!!! This was a great way to get to know the amazing woman behind this fantastic, growing and strong page! Without Kelsey’s passion and outside-the-box approach, this would just be another Facebook page. All of that to say that I’m honoured to have taken part in tonight’s/tomorrow morning’s (if you’re in the UK) party Thank you ❤

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