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In The Korner with Debra Anastasia Interview

Hi Debra I’m so excited to have you here in my Korner. You know I’m Krazy about you. A huge welcome! I absolutely love your writing and I’m a proud member of your Street team. I hope you enjoy being here with me.

Debra: Thank you for having me!! I’m Krazy about you too.

Q How long have you been writing Debra?

A. I’ve been writing fiction since 2009. I wrote some humor-based Disney trip reports before that.

Q. Out of all the books you have wrote who is your favourite character? You know who mine is. Aghhhh Beckett!!!

A. I think I have to pick Satan Jack from the Seraphim Series. He’s the Devil and he is so, so bad. I loved that the supernatural elements allowed my playground to be as big as I could imagine it. Plus, he has a vibrating fist.

Kelsey: Vibrating fist? Ok I’m having second thoughts about Beckett now… Gulp!

Q. You write very hot sex scenes? Need any help with those?? You know where I am if Beckett and now Satan Jack needs a hand anytime (no pun intended) So how much research have you put into this to Puuuurrrrrfect it?

A. The sex scenes are the hardest for me to write snicker. I think that has been the most challenging part of writing romance for me. I mean, for the most part there are holes and sticks. Once I realized that the characters had to attack the same basic biological function but with different emotions and personality, it got easier. I’m not a shy person but I guess that is the one place where everyone reading knows you speak from experience. I’m very in love with my husband of 16 years and we have a great time inspiring each other.

Q. How hard is it to focus on your writing when you have a daily routine to maintain?

A. Hard. Snicker I’m learning to set boundaries for myself. Social media is a ton of fun for me and an easy distraction. When I’m in the zone, it’s difficult to abide by the clock and finish doing the day before I get back to a scene. I talk to myself during household chores and always have music on. I think that helps me be more productive when I actually sit down.

Q. What is the source of your inspiration to write?

A. Love. Always love. And for me love is not just fireworks in your pants. It’s the small caring moments between two committed people. I’ve had some health issues in the past (nothing bad!) but my husband is just the most thoughtful human being. I really know how good I have– it getting to be in his world. Smartest thing I ever did was force him to marry me before he wised up.

Q.Where Poughkeepsie is concerned was this story always in your head? Where did it come from? Did you need to write it down immediately or did you wait for the ideas to come into your head gradually?

A. I was in the shower and I had read quit a few romance stories where the hero in it was rich (I love those stories too!). And I was thinking about how I wanted my daughter to know that everyday love with a guy that can’t shower you in diamonds is just as important as a fairytale. Now, my girl is young, so I can’t ever imagine her reading my stuff, but it was just something I wanted to put in the universe. So I was thinking, what if the guy had nothing but love to offer? Could we still swoon for him? I knew then a homeless gentleman would make my point to my girl. I did sit down and write the first chapter in my robe. I’m so glad I did, because that was Blake’s first day in the world!

Kelsey: I’m so glad you did too. It’s one of my all time favourite books. I love each and everyone of the characters.

Q. I listened to your radio interview and loved it, I especially liked it when you mentioned your family members and the way they showed people right from wrong. How was your life as a child? Were you always the joker you are today?

A. I’m a freaking nightmare. Thank you for listening to me ramble! I had a beautiful childhood with my sister and the girls from my neighborhood that were like sisters. We all had a bond and looked out for each other. I’m thrilled when I get to see them in person. Actually, my bff is KMH makes and we go back and forth all the time on Facebook and Twitter. She appears in the Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector’s Edition APP that should be out any day now. Those girls are a huge part of where my love of loyalty between friends comes from. And yes, I always loves to laugh and make people laugh if I could. I was even spanked by a nun because of it!

Q. Do you read Debra and have you a favourite  author and genre?

A. I love to read. My very favorite author changes from day to day. I love books hard and consider them mine after I’ve read them. I will read anything Stephenie Meyer ever writes, EL James, Alice Clayton, JM Darhower, JK Rowling, Dan Brown, John Grisholm. So many. I don’t hold myself to a genre because if it catches my attention I’ll read it. Except horror, I’m a huge baby.

Q. If Poughkeepsie and RTP were made into movies who would you cast as the main characters??

A. I’d love Robert Pattinson as Blake and Lucy Griffiths as Livia

For Beckett there are a few great guys –Henry Cavil or Kellan Lutz 

For Cole I like Charles Michael Davis and Jennifer Lawerance for Kyle

My favorite for Eve is Candice Accola. Actually I think Candice could do Livia too.

I’m always casting and recasting in my head.

Q. What’s the next project to be worked on?

A. I’m writing Saving Poughkeepsie (Poughkeepsie Brotherhood #3) now and waiting patiently for the Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector’s Edition App to be released.  It is 47,000 more words in Poughkeepsie and everything else I could think to put in it. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done professionally so far. I’m super proud of it.  Then I have an evil comedy that I’d like to get into the world sometime this year. It’s horrible.

Kelsey: So look forward to your evil comedy. I put anything down I’m reading to read something from you.

Q. My favourite book boyfriend is Beckett.. **Sighs and feels a tingle** He’s just bad boy delicious . Does he like curvy blondes? Will you put a word in for me please? Just saying!!

A. He’s on his way to your house. He told me to tell you to make a big pile of your panties on your front lawn and light them on fire so he knows where to go.

Kelsey: Woohooo. Best present ever, I’ll send him back when he’s thoroughly worn out. Which will be never!!!

***Runs outside with all her big girl knickers in hand. This fires going to be really big***

Q. You wrote Late night with Andres and all the proceeds went to a cancer charity. The street team also helped out with a homeless shelter at a Christmas. I just want to say I applaude you for all your efforts and you’re by far a shining example to others.

Thanks. There a re a lot of fantastic people that help me do those things! My Street Team kicks so much ass. Denise Diggan and her daughter (who have the Poughkeepsie tattoo on their bodies!) dreamed up, organized and implemented the shelter care bags, I’m just proud to know them. And Late Night with Andres is a fun thing to do to combat a serious problem. I’m very grateful to the Omnific staff for donating all their services to aid Save the Tatas. And we are still donating. 100% of the proceeds go straight to fund cancer research. Omnific Publishing, as a company, even donated above and beyond what the novella is earning. They are a magnificent group of women.

Q. Finally What are your hopes for the future and is there anything you would like to say to all your fans before you leave?

A. My serious hope is to someday have Poughkeepsie and Return to Poughkeepsie on a shelf in Target. I would sit down and cry on the floor like an asshole for sure. I hope that I can keep entertaining my amazing readers. It is one of my most favorite things to do in life. And I love each and every reader and wish them a healthy and happy New Year.

Kelsey: Debra this has been an fabulous interview and I’ll sit down and cry with you like the assholes we are.

Thank You so much for taking the time to chat in my Krazy Korner and you are welcome back anytime lady.



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