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Published on September 22nd, 2013 | by Kelsey


Unattainable by Madeline Sheehan








This is Tegen and Cage’s story , it continues from when Tegen’s mum Dorothy (without giving spoilers lets just say when Dorothy had problems). Tegen hadn’t wanted club life , she’d branched out on her own and that was fine by her! She was angry at her past, angry at her present and had no feelings for her future. Tegen had the filthiest mouth I’ve ever heard and I loved her. She kicked ass. Cage was still the man whore. He was still living in the shadow of his father, hoping for recognition , sleeping his way through the club whores. That was fine by him….or was it?

“Come on, bitch” he growled, cutting off all her air supply as he continued working between her thighs. “Give it here”

Madeline’s writing is brilliant. I was in their world , living and feeling every emotion. It’s not for the faint hearted, Madeline knows how to pack a punch straight to the gut and floor you! So many times I was floored then picked back up chuckling with belly clinching one liners . Cox and Kami’s relationship had me crying with laughter. The family dinners including the ever growing amount of kids were pee ya knickers funny! All the characters were back, I felt like they participated more than ever in this story, I almost felt like I was in two books Dirty plays a big part and I decided from the off Dirty can come live with me. I’ll look after him!! There was so much sadness for Dirty and his lonely existence, the torture that goes on in his mind was pitiful .

There was a couple of WTF moments going on where I almost through my kindle off the wall and yes I was scared, yes I was tricked and yes I loved those moments . So in this book you get bad ass bikers, hot sex, violence, abuse and mental cruelty . You also get laugh out loud lines, compassion, family bonds and commitment. As always Deuce and Eva were the backbone of the club, I loved to see them as an ageing couple knowing where the foundations of their love came from. Deuce often scared me to death. He also worried me in many ways but one! I knew what was coming, I saw the warning signs! In my opinion this was the best in the series so far.. I hope there’s so much more to come . Madeline had the ability to make me feel complete but leave me wanting more.

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Unattainable by Madeline Sheehan Kelsey

"Ya Feel Me"

Summary: Best biker series ever, no~ones beat it yet in my opinion.



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