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Published on October 16th, 2013 | by Kelsey


Convicted by Aleatha Romig

There were still lessons to learn and consequences for the truth!
When Claire Nichols met Anthony Rawlings, she didn’t know they had a past, or that he had plans for her future. Over time, the role of teacher changed—games became reality—and domination turned to desire. Despite an insurmountable history, Claire and Tony found their way back to one another.

Just when they seemed to have it all—love, respect, and the promise of a family—the game master exposed the truth. Claire’s world once again spun out of control. Unwilling to allow her child to suffer the consequences of an old vendetta, Claire fled…


At one time, Claire was held captive in an opulent mansion—then her incarceration was a cell inside a state penitentiary. Was her new prison—a tropical island—truly less lonely? Perhaps that was the game master’s plan, all along? 

Who will save Claire from her oldest nightmare and her newest reality? Will it be Tony? Can he forgive her for leaving him—again? Harry? Will he utilize previously unknown connections to save the woman who infiltrates his thoughts? Maybe Phil? Will his devotion in keeping Claire and her child safe be rewarded? 

As the cards are played—sins of the past, innocent victims, and truths are revealed. With compartmentalization no longer an option, is the reality too much? Could there be an even worse isolation? 

With the game master dealing from a stacked deck, can this new high-stakes game possibly be won?

When it’s all over and their cards are on the table—SOME will discover their bets were too high—they have nothing left to lose—ALL will learn the crucial lesson—the most important rule—there are CONSEQUENCES for the TRUTH!


I finally got to the end of this truly amazing conclusion of the Consequences Series.


It seemed to go on forever, page after page, and I was savouring it. I couldn’t hurry, I had to take it all in and let it sink into my brain! It was so fast paced , going back and forth to different characters POV. This review is going to be short because it’s hard not to spoil it for anyone.

In this episode the tables are turned and the control issues are inevitably reversed. The difference in Tony was remarkable, not only with Claire but with his bonding with other people. If you’re a Tony lover or a Tony hater you will see the differences in him, I personally still can’t make my mind up, Anthony Rawlings is a complete mindf—- to me, always has been , always will be!! We get to see familiar faces in this book and I loved the way Aleatha alternated to each character, right from the first page I was gripped and totally flustered… I needed to know what consequences the truth had FORCED and I needed to know NOW!! This does not happen, I had 51 chapters and an epilogue to get through.

More secrets and more lies came out, from the people I once cared for. I wasn’t sure who to trust and I wanted to rush through. Finally I settled down and took in the emotions.

The sexual conflict and emotions ran high, we all know Phil adored Claire from Truth, I actually found myself swooning over Phil, yes Phil, I fell for him big time. I found his devotion to this woman astounding, he would do anything to keep her safe from the world and whoever wanted to hurt her! Aleatha has this way of making you feel the tension, feel the build up to a sexual situation without the need of graphics. Just the mention of the look in their eyes, the glint or a sparkle, the body movements or the depth of a voice was enough to make the hairs stand up on my neck.


Tony’s eyes drifted closed as his head fell back to the wall. It had been a long forty eight hours.

A wish, a dream, a miracle—Whatever it is, it’s real.

Claire seemed to have this hold on all men, Tony, Harry, Phil , Brent , John. I don’t know what it was they doted on, the way her emerald greens drew them in! Ive decided that she may have a golden vagina and even if you haven’t paid it a visit the damn thing must shine bright through her clothing!!

I especially liked the scenes between Harry and Amber, Aleatha got the sibling relationship spot on in my eyes. Sparks would fly and I got lost in the characters, In my head I was arguing with Harry like I would my own brother, the connections ran deep.. Very deep!

You don’t get it. People can’t go around changing other peoples lives without consequences. We knew for certain he kidnapped Claire.


So what? I may have felt sorry for her when I first heard her story, but seriously, if she’s stupid enough to go back to him- she deserves whatever has or will happen to her!

The emotions I felt nearing the final third of the book were mainly sad, there were tears in my eyes praying for the right conclusion, I needed Claire to finally be happy but I couldn’t decide how that would happen.

Overall I ended up happy with the ending, It was a long hard ride and I was saddle sore. This was an exquisite piece of writing, a captive situation, a love story, a mystery all rolled into one. It will have you on the edge of your seat and will cause a major book hangover!

 5 amazing stars


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Convicted by Aleatha Romig Kelsey

Summary: This series is a mind ` Furrrrrr .. But brilliance in the making, very talented lady!



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