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Erik does not believe in love and he doesn’t live in a mansion – he rides a motorcycle in a MC. He does not have an airplane. Erik is extremely confident, real, and knows what he wants. He wants a woman to submit; with no commitment for love. Erik will settle for nothing less than owning Kelli.

When these two begin to spend time together, things begin to change; personalities, interests, and the need for affection. What happens is something that must be experienced by the reader. This book is, again, not watered down. This book has tremendous depth to those that are looking to find it. It will, upon completion, allow you into the minds, hearts, and heads of people as they develop a D/s relationship.

Again, if you have always wondered about what a Dominant/submissive relationship is all about – less the airplanes, mansions, and billions, read Baby Girl. It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s got the hottest, steamiest real sex you can imagine,




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 In this book, the second of three, we see the exposure of these two characters, as well as the other characters of Book I, to life…

This Book is different than Book I in that it is more of the living, and less ‘thinking’.

Someone steals from the motorcycle club, and Erik begins to question loyalties, life, trust, and his exposure to people – the few he lets in his in his life.

These questions leave him seeking answers. Kelli sees changes in Erik and takes advantage of her opportunity.

This is what everyone wished for in Book I and did not get to read. Erik and Kelli ‘doing’, and less ‘thinking’

Prepare for a ride like no other, this book takes us on a journey through the lives of many, primarily Erik and Kelli.







Everyone has a past, and Erik Ead is no exception. This book is about Erik’s sexual past. Kelli and Heather have stumbled onto Erik’s diary. Erik now sits at the fireplace contemplating his past, present love for Kelli, and where his relationship with Kelli will be headed in the future. Erik’s diary has been a place for him to compile all of his information regarding sexual experiences from the beginning.










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Kelli has developed into a woman that Erik cherishes, loves, and adores. He still, however, requires that she submit sexually and completely.

Erik has developed into a man that Kelli loves, respects, and wishes to please.

In this last of the four book series, Kelli’s father becomes ill. Erik and Kelli each struggle with the imminent death of her father, and how to handle the loss of the only parent between them.

As the book progresses, so do they. Their true colors begin to show, and they become more of what each other may not necessarily expect. What they do become is real.










I love to tell my story. In doing so, however, I do not follow any rules. I do things my way, always.
My experiences in life make me a very diverse writer, and my books are a reflection of that diversity.
I have a different style, unique prose, and always write with the intent of having an underlying story, meaning, or point that I need to drive home.
My prose has been described by readers/reviewers as:”refreshing” “unique and remarkable style” “seamless, eloquent, emotional, raw, and is true art of writing”

Yet others complain….
I do not intend nor do I attempt to please everyone. I always walk away from a story pleased that I have accomplished my goal.
I hope that you enjoy what I have written. Please make no assumptions about what it may be, and always read my synopsis before reading a writing…just to be certain it is what you’re expecting if you do.




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