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Published on January 7th, 2015 | by Kelsey


✰Pretty Hot✰ by Donna Alam- Review

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A charming playboy. A girl on the run from love. An exotic location, where the weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot.

Kate Saunders is sure of only one thing as her flight to her new life lands in Dubai: Short of joining a convent, her new job teaching at a conservative all-female school is just what she needs. Until she meets Kai, that is.

Cultured and worldly, Kai lives a life of wealth and privilege where he always gets what he wants. And what he wants next is Kate. He’s determined their relationship is only going one place: His bed.

The road to hell may be paved with good intentions but it’s also littered with underwear when Kate finds she can’t resist a man with a sweet, filthy mouth–and the mind to match. Talented of tongue he may be, but he’s also not quite who he appears to be. Kate’s life is about to take a turn for the complicated, making the one she left behind look easy.


Donna Alam is a brand spanking new British author and this was her debut novel. There’s so many books and so little time and I’m inundated with review requests which I unfortunately can’t keep up with but this book held interest for me.

It’s set in Dubai and it’s about an Australian schoolteacher. I have a friend in Dubai who is a schoolteacher, my daughter visited recently so I’d heard a lot about the United Emirates. Immediately my interest was piqued as I like to read a novel where I can visualise the area and relate. This does not happen that often.

As always my reviews are spoiler free so don’t be afraid to read on.

So picture this – Hot, secretive, wealthy, mysterious alpha male in the name of Kai starts pursuing a girl called Kate who is a new member of teaching staff. She’s left a cheating fiancé behind to start a new life. Kate is slightly naive but confident in many areas. She’s not a pushover and as the story progresses we really get to know her character well.

‘To get over someone you need to get under someone else.’

There’s no harm in a one night stand is there? It sounds good but things don’t always go to plan when feelings and raging orgasms get in the way. Oh yes there’s plenty of orgasms and they’re extremely hot, hence the title ‘Pretty Hot.’

This was so much more than I’d bargained for, excellent writing, great plot, hot dominant alpha male (borderline Dom).

But what I really found a breath of fresh air was the comedic value. Think Alice Clayton or Tara Sivec style. I have the feeling that this author was a stand up comedienne in a past life. Her quick wit, her sarcasm and her ability to make me laugh out loud was second to none. There was lots of inner dialogue from the female lead Kate/Kitty Kat which had me rolling on the floor laughing especially when she met with her best friend Niamh from Ireland.  Niamh was an excellent secondary character, her banter and her strong will and confidence was very realistic, everyone needs a best friend like Niamh. The author just floats in and out of the Irish, Australian and Arabic accent with great ease and it was very refreshing to learn about the countries as I read. It was obvious this lady did her research. There was also great hilarity even in the sexiest of scenes which to me made it more realistic. Sex is funny!! I mean who hasn’t had sex with their socks on? Then there were chapters that were so sensual and hot as hell that I found myself speed reading. I was extremely invested.

This is #1 in a trilogy #2  ‘Pretty Liar’ is already available to purchase and I will be moving onto this very soon. I’m told it gets even more hot and heated. In conclusion this was a fabulous debut novel filled with sexy times , humour and angst. Highly recommended. I’ll be keeping a very close eye on Donna Alam in the future.


Pretty Hot

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Pretty Liar

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New indie author Donna writes about exotic locations and the men you aren’t married to, but wish you were. Escapism reads with heart and humour, and of course, plenty of steam.

Hailing from the North of England, she’s a nomad at heart, moving houses and continents more times than she cares to recall. She once worked at a school like the one described in her new release, Pretty Hot. Alas, there were no Kai-a-likes floating about there . . . 

Catch up with her on Facebook

or her poor, neglected blog or @word_hoor on twitter.

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✰Pretty Hot✰ by Donna Alam- Review Kelsey

Summary: There's no harm in a one night stand is there? It sounds good but things don't always go to plan when feelings and raging orgasms get in the way. Oh yes there's plenty of orgasms and they're extremely hot, hence the title 'Pretty Hot.'


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