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Published on March 26th, 2015 | by Kelsey


✰ SPOTLIGHT ✰ on Cameron Lincoln

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I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Cameron Lincoln at the fabulous Peterborough Signing. I took an instant shine to this fabulous down to earth, genuine and talented author. I’m currently reading perfect Pleasures and I’m loving every minute, these are perfect bedtime stories, commutes or just relaxing reads with a cup of coffee. I encourage you to take a look at his work, he writes with finesse and a style I would describe as warm. His writing in my humble opinion is a reflection of his own warm personality.

About the Author

Cameron Lincoln is an author and poet working in a variety of genres, including romantic erotica and fantasy. His erotic work is keenly focused on character, story and empowerment through sexuality.
His book Perfect Pleasures: An Anthology Of Romantic Erotica collects his most popular erotic shorts including Maria Unchained, The Madison Banquet, Extra Marital Pleasures and the exclusive story Focus.
Mine: Body & Soul is a poetry collection exploring the limits of the body and the depths of the heart. It became an Amazon #1 bestseller on its first day of publication.
Holiday Heat is a romantic erotica novel set on an exotic Greek island, following the adventures of two couples as they explore a new world of possibilities, trysts and secrets.
Cameron is currently working on The Mayfly, an urban fantasy novel.
He lives in England.

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A single mother crafts her perfect fantasy using a very special service…
A dominatrix plays a game that will change her perception forever…
A secret affair is revealed with unexpected consequences…
Enter a world of erotic thrills and romantic, sensual encounters. A world of adoring couples, sexual explorers, and lost souls found again through love.

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For Rob and Suzie a week away on a beautiful Greek island is just what they need. A way to put behind them the stresses of work, to relax, have fun and explore their new relationship. Along for the ride are Kevin and Donna, the kind of people for whom a wild night is never far away. Together they’ll have a week they’ll never forget.
Passions soon build and indiscretions are bound to follow. How will they deal with their new feelings and desires, and how long can secrets remain hidden?


Suzie and Rob kissed with slow, sensual motions, lips suffused, tongues rolling against each other, tasting the delicious tang of the alcohol they had consumed. It filled them with an easy warmth destined to intensify. Rob’s fingers tickled at her hips, bunching her maxi dress, the hem rising like a stage curtain to reveal her shapely legs. Holding her dress in place he sank to his knees as if in proposal, but his commitment tonight would only be to her pleasure.
“What do we have here?”
Rob placed quick kisses on the concave white flesh of Suzie’s thighs and nuzzled his nose against the white of her panties. “You smell delicious,” he said, sliding a finger behind the material, rolling the back of his digit across the perfectly shaved whiteness beneath. He caught Suzie biting her lip with a smile tugging up the corners of her delicate mouth, the way she always did when he ventured below her waist.
Pulling the fabric aside he exposed her to the balmy evening air, angling his head to trace his tongue across the delicate folds of her vagina. He teased her lips apart, breathed against her unfurling flower, sending a gentle shiver through her upright body.
“Oh, that’s lovely,” she said, ploughing fingers through his hair as his hands came up the back of her legs, kneading her buttocks before sliding her panties off entirely. This was indeed wonderful. The stresses of an unbroken string of weeks at work evaporated and vanished as quickly as her panties were cast aside.
She sat down on the edge of the bed, spread her legs to reveal her sex to him, a beautiful pink fruit, ripe and juicy with anticipation. Lifting a leg, dangling it over his shoulder, she lay back on the bed, hair fanning across the sheet as she surrendered to Rob’s hungry feasting.
The first audible volley was fired from across the hall, a shrill yelp that would have worried were it not followed by Donna’s melodious giggling. Over the gentle sound of moist lapping, a cry came through the wall:
“Oh, that’s fucking good!”
Suzie let out a laboured gasp as her pleasure inexorably built. “Noisy. Told you.”
He lifted his moist lips from her for a second, smiling. “And the guys at the bar gave him something to prove.”

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Take a poetic journey into the realms of sensation, thought, and passion. Mine: Body & Soul is a collection of Cameron Lincoln’s poetry exploring desire, lust, sensuality, emotion, identity, friendship and love. Divided into two sections, the pieces stretch the body to its limits and delve into the depths of the heart.

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