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Published on April 28th, 2014 | by Kelsey


☆☆ In The Korner with Tillie Cole ☆☆

Welcome to the Korner Tillie I’m so pleased to have you in here. It’s like having a sister over for a sleepover, being a fellow northerner. Would you like a glass of wine?  Thank you for all the wonderful characters you’ve given us.

Hey, hunny!!! I am super excited to be here! If you have Prosecco, then pour me a large one. I do like a good tipple!!! Thank YOU for this guest post, I am so happy to answer your questions.

Q. How long have you been an author, did you always want to write, is this your full time job?

A. I have always been interested in story telling. I spent most of my life, however, on stage. I trained in musical theatre and for a long time thought I would go down that route. That life did not pan out, however, but my creative side never left me and, fortunately for me, I was able to channel my love of fantasy into something equally as fun!

I began writing seriously about a year ago. I never expected this success and I am truly humbled. After the success of Sweet Home, this did become my full time career. I do work at a museum a couple of times a week, but that is because that’s my other passion. I am a History and Religion boffin, and that outlet a couple of times a week clears my head and inspires my stories.

Q. Have you got a favourite novel of your own that you feel especially close to? And why?

A.  I LOVE to read, unfortunately as a full time writer, I rarely get to read anymore—boo! The book that I have loved and I’m obsessed with to the point of insanity, is Pride and Prejudice. I read that book annually and think that Mr. Darcy is the ultimate, and original, book boyfriend. Jane Austen is my hero, and if ever write anything remotely close to her masterpieces, I will die happy!!! Pride and Prejudice is perfection and Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy is pretty easy on the eye too!!!

Q. Do you have the complete story and characters in your head beforehand or does a story map itself out as it goes along.

A. It can happen either way. Sweet Home began as a sweet Rom-Com, and a few pages in I just let the characters take me in another direction and it became angsty and, in parts, heart breaking. As for It Ain’t Me, Babe, I always had a rough outline for that, but that was due to the parts that were inspired by true stories. I had to make sure I gave those parts the concentration they deserved.

Q. Would you like another glass of wine? Let’s get drunk!

A. Fill me up! I’m a fun drunk! If you have some 90’s rave music or Lady Gaga, whack them on and I’ll cut some shapes!

Q. Are you working on any new raunchy projects? Did you know curvy blondes are the ‘in thing’ at the moment?

A. Ha! Well, as a curvy brunette, I think that sounds fab! I am currently writing Sweet Fall (Sweet Home #3). Again, this novel is truly important to me as I’m covering a topic close to my heart. Lexi and Austin’s story will be gritty and an emotional rollercoaster, but yes, there will be lots of raunchy scenes—come on! We all love a good helping of smut!

Q. Who is your favourite character?

A. Argh! You can’t ask me that! It’s like making me choose between my dogs! I honestly don’t know. I love them all. I think my readers, so far, would say Romeo (from Sweet Home/Rome), but I’m hoping readers fall madly in love with Styx and Rider from It Ain’t Me, Babe, also, I know I did! 

I’m gonna fire this question back at you, who is YOUR favourite of my characters???

ME: TUDOR NORTH, I absolutely loved Eternally North Tillie. He was hot and Natasha was fabulous!

Q. Do you read/ what’s your favourite genre? Who are your favourite authors?

A. My favourite genre is actually paranormal romance. I love Charlene Harris. The Grave Secret Series and, of course, Sookie Stackhouse novels were AMAZING! I love Mary Hughes and her vampire series and Eve Langlais, because her novels are steamy, exciting and freakin’ hilarious!!!

Q. What do you do for fun?

A. I dance, I sing, I jog. I LOVE going out with my friends. Movies are a passion of mine, so I am at the cinema with my hubby every chance I get. I also read, even though that is very rare, and I watch Vikings… religiously! I am kinda obsessed with Travis Fimmel!

Q. Who encourages you when you’re having writers block?

A. My Dad, my Mam and my hubby. I have been known to have episodes of insecurity, and being innately dramatic, I really milk those moments. My hubby just watches me in silence then tells me to shut up and write again. The tough approach actually works!

Q. Tell us your usual writing routine and is it easy to focus or are you easily distracted?

A. If I am in the zone, I am not usually distracted. If I am distracted, I know to put my Mac Book down for a few because I’m not feeling the story. My routine is me sitting at my desk, a large cup of coffee in hand, chocolate at the ready and my Mac Book powered up, and of course, my favourite music spurring me on.

Q. Is there anything you would refuse to write about?

A. Erm… I’m not into the total explicit BDSM stuff. There are certain taboo subjects I don’t feel I would do justice. I also will probably never touch paranormal romance. I love it and think PR authors are crazy talented, but for me, I’ll stick to contemporary romance!

Q. What do you do to relax?

A. I like walking, jogging and chilling with the hubby watching films. And of course… chilling with you and drinking Prosecco!

Q. What are your hopes and aspirations for the future?

A. I just want people to love my novels. I want to keep creating meaningful stories that captivate the reader and if I can write forever, it will be a dream come true.

Quick Fire Questions

Favourite colour?

Purple (with a bit of pink thrown in!)

Favourite food?

Cinnamon rolls (Cinnabon is my fave brand!)

Biggest turn on?

Muscles and tattoos. Oh, and a bad-boy attitude… *fans self with hand*

Biggest turn off?

Complaining and cheaters.

Lingerie or Naked?

Lingerie, but hey, nekked is good too! ;)

Favourite place in the world?

Lake Garda/Verona, Italy

Red wine or White wine


Sun or Snow?

Sun! After living in Canada a year, I’m done with snow!!!

Dark or Vanilla?

A mixture of both!

Dresses or Jeans?


Chocolate or crisps


Q.Is there anything you would like to say to your readers before you leave?

A. Just that my readers are the best folks ever, and that I appreciate each and everyone one of you!

Now, crank up that Gaga and pour me another glass, I wanna get trashed!!!!

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